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How to Order

[Regarding our costume design]


Although we highly regard preferences of our clients (Choreographer, Coach and Skaters), final designs

for our costumes are decided based on our own design and style. We would appreciate if you could

take a look at our portfolio beforehand, which can be found on this website and our Instagram.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated for the better collaboration and results.



We do not create costumes based on designs and patterns created by other designers.

Also, please do not use our designs and patterns including drafts in any way outside working with us,

such as to ask other costume makers to create costumes based on them. We will charge design fees

accordingly should such cases be identified.

There may be differences between the design drawings and the actual costumes. I will produce the product according to my sensibility. Please accept that.


[Design/making process]


1. Please contact us through the mail form with all the details.

2. We will provide a number of design illustrations. (typically 2 to 3)

3. Once design is agreed, we ask for payment in advance.

Upon receipt of payment, we will start our costume making process.

Also, we will ask you to provide your own measurement (details on how to measure will be provided)

4. We will update you the latest status of the costume via email.

5. We will post you the final costume.



Q. How long should I expect for my costume to be ready?

A. On average, about three months. However, please note that it may take longer during peak times.

We would appreciate it if you could allow plenty of time when sending us a request.


Q. How much is your costume?

A. Our costumes start from around JPY250,000 for both male and female costumes. (excluding postage and transaction fees)

Additional fees apply for overseas clients as handling fees (Please contact us for more details)

Q. What are the available payment options?

A. We only accept payment via PayPal and bank transfer (to our account in Japan)

Please note that the payment is also to be made in advance.

Q. How about measurement and basting (temporary sewing)?

A. We ask clients to provide own measurement. Guidelines as to how to measure will be provided.

Typically we make costumes without basting (temporary sewing) in the process, but we can send you the costume in the making upon request. (with additional postage)

It takes 3 months to make the costume.

My minimum budget is 250,000 Japanese Yen(around $1900.), shipping costs are not included.

We will start production after payment of half of the budget.

The remaining amount will be paid upon delivery of the costume.

For measurements, we will send you a measurement sheet by e-mail, so you can take your own measurements.


If you agree, we will talk about the specific design and propose a design drawing.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

* Email address is often incorrect. 

If you do not receive a reply for more than 3 days, please contact us again.

​Mail form

Thank you!

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